Roulette Movies

Roulette is the classiest casino game among all other casino games and if any movie made based on this game will be also classy. When you think about a casino you will get images of a roulette table first then you can think about other games. This game becomes the universal symbol of gambling among many people. This game has no useful strategy to change the result of the game and you can't win this game by any tips or strategy. You must need the favor of your luck to win in this game. Moreover, lots of movies are film roulette books.

The betting systems of this game are easy to memorize and you can learn that simply. The payout of this game is higher than any other casino game and the house edge is lower than many other casino games. You will get a payment about 1 to 35 if you win the game and for this cause many people play the game and you will find many people who lost every thing they have by playing this game. The movies below we described are based on some people stories that gain or lose a lot by playing this game.

13 Tzameti - 2005

This movie based on young man named Sebastian, who followed rules of some people without knowing anything and at last gain a lot. He came from a small and poor family and he must win the game to survive. The name of this movie is Tzameti which is a Georgian word and means 13 where 13 means unlucky but at the end of the movie 13 became lucky. You must watch the movie to have some excitement.

Tricheurs - 1983

This movie based on two gamblers, who first met on a Portuguese island and they fall in love and planed to play the game to win a lot and make their life happy. You must watch the movie if you like gambling and want to be confident about winning.

Essential Roulette: Guide for Players & Dealers - 2006

This is one of the risky and thrilling movies like the roulette what is the main factor of this movie. Here you can see that confident can change a man's life.

Fun-To-Know - Casino Games - 2005

This is program about different casino games and by this program you can learn a lot about the most popular casino based games. Here many tips, techniques and strategies of different games are described simply so you can learn all of them easily.

Daniel Deronda - 2003

This is another movie based on the uncertainty of the game roulette.