Roulette History

Now a day the roulette has become the most favorite game in this world. The roulette is a gambling game which is played by the people specific the gamblers of the roulette game. The roulette game is played in traditional casino.

The roulette in French:

During the 1655, in French the roulette game begins. The man who is named as blasei Pascal is created the roulette game. At that time Blasei Pascal was a great scientist. He was goods at mathematics, philosophers. He would also know about programming the computer languages. In mathematics' his contribution is very much. He gave idea about the triangle which is now still. He also gave idea about the related of pressure. His idea is known as Pascal's law.

In 1655, Blasei Pascal goes through the casino games. He wanted to create a continuous movement device. Exchange of it's he invented the roulette wheel. At last Blasei Pascal is now still alive in this world for his invention of Roulette wheel. The gambling of roulette was marked within a short time. The basic version is changed in the two centuries.


Zero number was added in the roulette by the two French brother's name as Louis Blanc and François. At present total number of roulette is Thirty-seven. They told that the roulette is the devil game. The total of the number 1-36 is 666.

During that time they had no excuse to spread over the Europe. François Blanc was established a casino in Monte Carlo by himself. The casino is the first and is called the" King of casino Games."

Roulette in America:

In 18th century roulette entered the America. Then they added double Zero on the roulette wheel. In America the total number is 38.The European roulette and the American roulette are changed slightly.

A gambler name as Charles Wells broke the store at Monte Carlo in 1891.he played roulette at Monte Carlo casino and prevailed about three millions Francs. In the roulette Edward O. Thorp and Claude Shannon of M.I.T try to produce a device about the odd in 1955.1978 their device succeed. The winning player will get ten thousand dollar by following the last decision.

These are the short history of the roulette game from year to year. Anyone can know well about the roulette to read this history.