Roulette Etiquette

Roulette is a game of multiple people. For most of the cases 36 people always play the game if anyone put double or more bet on different number of the board. So as you see huge crowd compare with other casino games play this game at a time so you have learn the Roulette Etiquette to play the game. Social interaction is one of the main factors to play the game and you must learn manner to present you on the game. Many people will be around the table so you have to observe the social courtesy. You have to be patient about other people enjoyment. Some people will just watching the game while participating but some always talk a lot which can make you angry but you must be cool on that position. Don't step on other people foot, this is a bad manner.

Other Rules

To play roulette77 you must have your own chips to get your bet on a specific number and to avoid mixing up your chips with other people, every chip has different color. You can't just mix up your chips with your friends or family member's chips to get the bet own because you are a single person for a roulette table and you can't use any help from other people. You have to pay attention to the game dealer. When you make your bet, you have to put your chips on the gaming table and when the dealer stop taking bets and about to beginning the game then don't do anything wrong to be get out of the casino.

After starting the game when the ball stopped in a slot the dealer used a marker to specify it and then he or she starts to provide the winnings to the winner of the game. Don't make the mistake to touch the chips on the table before the payout has completed because if you do so, you will be eradicated from the game and sometimes you can be removed from the casino.

Giving tip to the dealer is a tradition of the game and it is so social that if you win the game and don't give tip to the dealer then you can be consumed as an unsocial person. So always give tip to the dealer if you win the game and there is a minimum amount of the tip for every casino. So don't do any mistake of the above and there are the rules of Roulette Etiquette.