Privacy and Legal

Non-Registered Users

Some tools and content on InternetRouletteSites, like news articles, basic calculators and worksheets and belated stock quotes can be availed of by every user without the need to sign up. InternetRouletteSites will not gather any personal information whenever you visit its areas.

Registered Subscribers and Users

To avail of the specialized features on InternetRouletteSites, like actual company lists and stock quotes, you need to be a registered subscriber or user of InternetRouletteSites. Whenever you subscribe to or register with SmartMoney websites, your personal information is gathered and might include your name, city, zip code and state, and various other information like your e-mail address, age, gender, personal interests, occupation and such.

Plus, whenever you put certain special features to use that are provided to the registered subscribers or users of InternetRouletteSites, InternetRouletteSites might gather more information, like stock, fund, financial, credit card, employment and various other personal information.

Third Party Information

Sometimes, InternetRouletteSites might combine the information that we get online with other information that we get from third parties to improve our ability in marketing services or products that might interest you.

Website Use

InternetRouletteSites gathers website use and IP address information automatically whenever you visit InternetRouletteSites. This will help us figure out how you use and navigate out website and include the frequency and number of subscribers and visitors to every website, along with how long their visits are.

More Information Use

InternetRouletteSites might use your personal information for these general purposes, as well:

  • to personalize the content and advertising that you can see;
  • to make our website content and design better;
  • to get in touch with you for special offers, services or products that might interest you;
  • to give third parties ways to get in touch with you for their special offers, services or products;
  • to offer you great customer service.